Cosmic Mother

We bring you the sounds of the soul. Venture forth to explore the entity that is the Mother of the Cosmos

Dodging Death and Dancing Another Day

Our Debut album is now available to stream, download, or on CD! Just head over to our music page!

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  • Pandemic March 27, 2020
    27.3.20 So as the entire world is fully aware, the Coronavirus is in full swing, and is impeding bands around the world as they try hard to keep their music going. Obviously we are no exception. We were just on the cusp of Releasing our first album, Dodging Death and Dancing Another Day, when the […]
  • First post March 27, 2020
    Hi Everyone. I’m (Matt) starting this blog so anyone who’s interested can keep up to date with what we’re up to as a band, and just talk about some extra details and the story of the band just for anyone eager to learn more. I can’t promise I will update it at regular intervals, but […]

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More About Us

Hailing from Manchester, we are bringing in the next wave of new age psychedelia and sound. With music which is soulful, ethereal, lively, and everything in between, we take influence from rock, blues, reggae, soul, funk, and from the Cosmic Mother herself.

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Our next gig is at The Railway [hyperlink] on the 25th June

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