About Us

Cosmic Mother are an eclectic, psychedelic soul band formed in Manchester, England. We rose from the ashes after humble beginnings at local open mic nights, and are bursting onto the scene with unparalleled enthusiasm and ambition. Our music combines a multitude of genres, blurring melodic, experimental sounds with blues-inspired riffs. This is made complete with the soulful vocals, which combine down-to-earth-ness with an ethereal element. 

We are currently working on releasing our first EP, “Dodging Death and Dancing Another Day,” and are excited to continue to play live shows as we showcase our music in and around our Mancunian homelands. Being a very DIY outfit, we are innovative with our creations, including unique homemade merchandise and self made music videos.

We are very excited to continue making and sharing our sound. The responses we have received are overwhelmingly positive, and our fanbase continues to grow by the day. And of course, as the fans are the most essential part of any band, we continue to be exceedingly grateful for each act of support and every kind word.

Peace and love

Cosmic Mother

Band Members

Vocals and lead guitar – Frank Lund

The heart and soul of soulful vocals, and spitting out more blues riffs than you can shake a stick at. Frank is a character like no other, and brings in sounds from a range of genres.

Drums – Luke Gallagher

Luke is the eccentric drummer who holds the rhythm together with impeccable beats and groovy sounds, as well as a whole host of musical savvy and knowhow.

Matt Johnson – Bass

Matt plays bass


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