Friday 27.3.2020

So as the entire world is fully aware, the Coronavirus is in full swing, and is impeding bands around the world as they try hard to keep their music going. Obviously we are no exception. We were just on the cusp of Releasing our first album, Dodging Death and Dancing Another Day, when the pandemic pushed us into isolation. We’re still in contact, and and all making music individually, but right now we’re still looking at ways to keep jamming together from our own homes. We have a few ideas on how, so don’t worry, even the end of the world won’t stop us.


Hi Everyone. I’m (Matt) starting this blog so anyone who’s interested can keep up to date with what we’re up to as a band, and just talk about some extra details and the story of the band just for anyone eager to learn more. I can’t promise I will update it at regular intervals, but if I think of anything interesting to say, I’ll come here and post about it., and Luke and Frank might post stuff too if they feel like it.